Weather and Climate

We believe Santa Luzia weather is what is actually happening and this is very much a day to day event. See today´s forecast below together with what´s predicted over the next few days. Of course Algarve and Santa Luzia weather is not always what is predicted so we apologise if it isn´t 100 percent accurate. We also think you might be interested in wind and waves information so we have also teamed up with Wisuki to provide you with this information.

This of course doesn’t tell the whole story. The Santa Luzia climate is characterised by long warm to hot summers. The summers are generally without rain and are usually warm to hot. Rainfall begins in October and the Autumn and Winter months are mild and wet. This does not mean that they are without sunshine. A typical Tavira winter day will have all four seasons with rain sunshine on the same day. It is rare to have a day go by without any sunshine at all. Spring starts early in these parts with blossom on the Almond trees signalling a new growing season beginning. This is usually late January early February. 

Santa Luzia as with the rest of the Algarve has a climate and weather classified as Temperate with warm and dry summers.

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