santa luzia

What is so special?

Once visited never forgotten

Great weather

Some say that Santa Luzia is the best small village in the Algarve. I think they might be right!!

Santa Luzia village has always been linked and relied upon the produce of the sea. Initially Santa Luzia Fishing Boat rod and line techniques were used and then from 1842 Tuna became the main catch. Along this part of the Algarve coast there are constant reminders of this more profitable era.

Unique Streets

The tuna fishing continued until  the 1970´s the last factory shut down and diversification was required. The fishermen of Santa Luzia were ahead of their time and from the early 1920´s were fishing the natural Octopus resource. They have since  created a unique niche that has been been promoted with the assistance of the local restaurateurs and this is why the village is now known as the ´Capital of the Polvo’ (Octopus).

Great People

Santa Luzia is a wonderful place to visit all year round. The summer months finds the place full of visitors from all over the world. Attracted by the great beaches the wonderful weather and the super restaurants.The weather outside of these months is excellent too and we find the Spring and Autumn months equally appealing.  And in August when over a 4 day period the village comes to life with Festa dos Pescadores.

Great beaches

In Santa Luzia we have two magnificent blue flag beaches both located on the Ilha de Tavira island part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. To the west there is Barril Beach which has great restaurants and bars housed in the old Tuna Factory. From Santa Luzia you can either walk here or take the small train. The other beach is Terra Estreita and this is accessed by ferry in the summer months.

Super Restaurants

The Santa Luzia restaurants provide an amazing variety of choice and different food styles. Seafood naturally is a favourite. Tapas has become very popular recently with many restaurants featuring this style of food on their menu. There is obviously an emphasis on seafood particularly Octopus.But don’t worry those who prefer meat there are plenty op options.

Fascinating bird life

Santa Luzia is located within the Ria Formosa Natural Park. A series of islands and lagoons along the southern Portuguese coast. This attracts a huge range of birds throughout the year. Greater Flamingos can be seen in large numbers on the Salt Flats here. The area benefits from many transient species of birds in both spring and autumn adding to our indigenous varieties.

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