Festa dos Pescadores 2016 is planned to start this year on Friday 12th August and concludes no doubt with a bang on Monday 15th August. This years programme is listed below:


A great selection of performers are coming to Santa Luzia with the great attraction of Raquel Tavares performing on Sunday 14th August.

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There is always something going on in Santa Luzia whatever time of year it is. Music in bars, dances in the halls and festas.The first major event in the year  celebrated as a village as Carnaval. Most people associate this with Rio De Janeiro but all Catholic Countries have celebrations at this time of year to mark the beginning of Lent.

Santa Luzia Carnaval 2014
Santa Luzia Carnaval 2014


The 13th December is a special day in the Calendar for Santa Luzia as this is the villages Saint´s day. The village always commemorates this day with special events, the centre of which is a procession  around the village beginning at the Church at Largo da Igreja.

Santa Luzia Festa
Santa Luzia Festa

The bar Meia Pipa has music on most weeks. Beware that it tends to start late and go on late. A great little bar just off the front in Santa Luzia. Almadrava host many events throughout the year as does C R D Santaluziense. A good place to look for what is on is www.tavira-today.com. They try to update as best is possible what is happening in the week in the Tavira area.

In the summer months Associação Almadrava hold markets along the water front on Mondays and Fridays. These are full of great crafts and local produces and well worth a visit. At other times of the year Associação Almadrava present Car Boot type markets. Usually held in the area opposite the Fishermen’s huts at the east end of the village.


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