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Other Santa Luzia Restaurants

Our pages referring to specific restaurants does not mean any preference on our behalf. Pricing views are our own. You make up your own minds


Gaviota Restaurant

This is a front line restaurant close to our Villa do Mar property and one that we really enjoying going to. To describe it as simple coastal Portuguese fare would do it an injustice. The menu is simple in that there isn’t a huge number of dishes on offer. But what they have is always cooked to perfection.

Gaviota specialises in seafood dishes and it is always well worth asking what they have and to have a look before choosing. Wendy loves the Ameijois and I often choose the Tuna. The latter always seems cooked to my liking, not overdone but nice and tender.

The house wines are very pleasant but please ask what other wines they have on offer. The sobremesas (sweets) are traditional Algarvian or Portuguese.

Good prices

Vincent Restaurant

Tel : 281381732 / 965375775

So you come to the Algarve and the small fishing village of Santa Luzia and expect the best Portuguese seafood restaurants. And this is what you get. What might be a surprise for some is that there is also an excellent French establishment hiding away that lives up to all the expectations one has of French Cuisine.

It is called Vincents. Mainly because that is the owners name. You don’t see much of Vincent as he is the excellent chef providing you with your fine cuisine.

A broad range of dishes are on offer , seafood, meat and Vegetarian. None have disappointed us to date. An excellent wine selection too and then onto deserts!!

Generous Prices

Restaurante Alcatruz

A small back street Restaurant that we really must visit more often. Excellent seafood dishes and good prices as well.

Address: R. Cap. Jorge Ribeiro 46, 8800 Tavira

Phone: 281 381 092

Good prices

Restaurante Baixamar

Address: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 32, 8800 Tavira

Phone:281 381 184

An excellent frontline restaurant positioned close to the Doscapescos Building where they bring the caught Octopus to sell.

An excellent range of dishes both sea food and meat plus excellent wines.

A limited outside seating area is always in demand by visitors during the fine months of the year. This is compensated by an interesting interior where there is plenty of seating space. Interesting wall displays are worth examining.

Medium Prices

Restaurante Marisqueira O Capelo

Address: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 40, 8700-000 Santa Luzia

Phone: 281 381 670

Frontline restaurant with a large outside seating area as well as a larger inside area. Excellent restaurant that is rated very highly throughout the Algarve. Excellent views of the Ria Formosa from the outside.

One of our client’s favourite locations, the reputation of the establishment precedes it.

Great menu choice, excellent seafood and meat dishes. Good wines.

Generous Prices

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