Casa do Mar Newsletter – October 2013

So October is well under way and the weather seems to be on the turn. Rain and sunshine intermixed as is usual at this time of year.

Casa do Mar House Tiles
Casa do Mar House Tiles

The temperatures are still good especially when the sun blesses us with her presence. I am sure the locals wouldn´t agree as the winter clothes are not only in the shops but on the bodies of the locals.

Casa do Mar Apartments early in the morning
Casa do Mar Apartments early in the morning

We still have visitors from overseas with an good influx of returning North Europeans. They seem to be enjoying the restaurants and cafés in the village even if the ferry to Terra Estreita Beach has been closed prematurely for a few weeks. I say prematurely as I think there is a demand for this service at this time of year even if only at weekends.

The village life continues although not at the same pace as earlier months. Live music can still be heard from Meia Pipa on a few evenings in the week and Ancora association continues to provide constant events for the older population. Fado evenings have started again at Casa Do Polvo Tasquinha with Márcio Gonçalves and Teresa Viola   providing fine entertainment for the visitors. C R D Santaluziense have started their winter programme of futsal and we wish them well for the coming season. No doubt they will also be holding their evenings of fun and entertainment in the coming months.

Our apartments have had some wonderful visitors recently from far and wide. Germany, South Africa Scotland to name a few. What a delight to meet and make new friends. We hope you will be able to visit us soon.

A few teething problems have been encountered along the way and the challenges presented are met head on and sorted out by our local resources.

A big thanks to Café Venezuala who have provided some excellent contacts and leads for the apartments. By return we encourage you to visit their establishment and enjoy the company of José and Mariela and the ever widening menu which has a splendid fusion of Portuguese and Venezualan dishes. We are very blessed in Santa Luzia with some of the best local cafés and restaurants. Come and enjoy them with us.

As the cooler months approach please keep our local fishermen in your thoughts. The winter weather brings even tougher working conditions for them and we wish them safe passage to and from Santa Luzia.

Until we meet again.

John and Wendy at Casa do Mar Apartments in the wonderful village of Santa Luzia.


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