Praia do Barril


To say that Praia do Barril is one of the best BEACHES in Portugal is not an over exaggeration.This beach was the first beach we visited when we came to the Tavira area and the one closest to the Pedras d’el Rei resort. It is in the hearts of many Portuguese who spent their childhood summers here and now come to visit with their children and parents.

What a delight. Some people like to just get out of their bed and walk down to the beach.

Praia do Barril  doesn’t fit the normal type of beach location ideal. You can either walk or take the train. Yes a train to the beach! How wonderful. This beach is really an adventure.

Whatever way you choose, when you get to the beach it exudes relaxation. Enjoy a drink or a snack at the bars and restaurants. Have a look at the shops which in keeping with this beach are small and have utilised the old Tuna fishing village buildings.

This is a wonderful family beach. Space for the children to explore and enjoy the safe swimming on the Blue Flag beach. Cafes and bars to eat at and enjoy some of the delights of the Algarvian menus. Even in the height of the season nothing seems too crowded, there is space for everyone.

The site has been developed from the original tuna fishing village situated here. Noted by the anchors pitched into the sand dunes behind the beach and the remnants of the tuna fishing boat at the entrance to resort.

If you are staying in Tavira with your own transport take the signs for Santa Luzia and Pedras d’el Rei. Its only about a five minute ride by car. Buses travel regularly there.

You will need to catch one going to Pedras d’el Rei. See our transport section for information when the buses run.

Once at the corner next to the Pedras resort, walk towards the sea. You will cross a bridge across the lagoon. From here you can either walk the rest of the journey or take the train. Please note that if you are biking you cannot take your bike to the resort. There are places to leave your bikes before the bridge.

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