The bar at Terra Esteita Beach Santa Luzia

Praia da Terra Estreita


I suppose we all develop favourites on our travels and it seems unfair when looking at the Tavira Beaches to have to choose. However, we are going to anyway. Terra Estreita is our favourite. Why? Well of all the Tavira Beaches this is the most uncomplicated. Apart from getting there that is. It is also accessed from the village we have made our home, Santa Luzia. So maybe a little bit of bias there.

Terra Estreita has a feel of a Caribbean island beach. It´s simplicity is obvious once you get there. There is one small bar that serves snacks and drinks throughout the day. There are sun loungers and umbrellas to hire. Apart from that, just expanses of golden sand and blue sea wherever you look.

Although very popular with tourists and locals alike it is relatively quiet compared to some of the other Tavira beaches. Please don’t tell everyone though, we would hate to see it´s tranquility spoilt!!

Getting there

There are two ways to get to Praia-da-Terra-Estreita apart from walking from either Barril or Tavira beach. One is to get the Water Taxi that runs regularly from Santa Luzia. This goes from the jetty closest to the Fishermens Huts that are on the left just as you enter the village from Tavira.

The second  is to take the ferry that runs from April until September and can be caught from the new jetty at the far end of Santa Luzia.

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